Monday, September 10, 2012


Salutations, and welcome to my Labyrinth Blog: 
Re-Treading the Labyrinth. 
Though short, this is the first post. You can stop scrolling backward looking for more. Instead, let us move forward, and I shall lay a path for you to walk, stone by stone. I look forward to sharing my experiences in creating and using labyrinths over the years. We shall discuss both historical and modern Labyrinths. I hope to widen everyone's idea of the Labyrinth, for I have found even the open minded are resistant at times. Together, let us investigate the 'Fingerprint of the Divine."

In service,

(The labyrinth above is a 3 circuit done in pebbles, creek water and moonlight.)

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  1. Fine to find you here.
    Keep on blogging and labyrinthing.