Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Standing at the Entrance

What is this before you?

Labyrinth or Maze?
Since the beginning of the Labyrinth Revival people have commented on our cool mazes and received a mini lecture on the difference between Labyrinths and Mazes. I have heard this lecture delivered with kindness, as well as with seeming venom.
    While creating a chalking, my work was defended by a young woman. Verbally clubbing some young men with her superior knowledge, she belittled them for their ignorance with her tone. I gently educated her. "Modernly Labyrinth is the term for a unicursal design like this one, but it has had many names over the millennia. Those cut into the ground in England are still called Turf Mazes. And no... they are not used just for prayer and meditation. They have been Dancing grounds, Game fields, Races, Traps and story telling tools. Some Cathedral labyrinths were used for a celebratory ball game, with singing and dancing. We cannot remove the other definitions of labyrinth, they are just as valid as ours." 
     In the past, I noticed my own mini lecture becoming condescending and full of knowitallishness.  Labyrinth lovers are often seekers of peace and inner knowledge. I hope we all remember that, before we share. Our words shall be humble, friendly and teaching. Listen to yourself lecture.
     My art collects many names each summer as people discover them. People ask if I am building an alien landing pad or making crop circles. They are called Mazes by many, as well as drunk traps. Though many state it innocently, the subtle smile given when I am told my work is "amazing" is on many lips. Whether children dance on my prayer spirals or adults meditate in my funny hopscotch circle, the pattern is still itself.  The path is still open. The journey waiting. 

Come Dance with Me.

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  1. It does anoy me at times when people call them the wrong thing, but I try not to say anything or I try to correct them gently. Watching children dance, run and skip through your labyrinths always makes me smile no matter what mood I am in otherwise. I have been not so happy with you on occasion at Pennsic when while walking back from the bathroom at 4 in the morning, I see one of your labyrinths and I am compeled to walk it! :)